Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Health : Gateway to financial success

Don't wonder about the topics presence in a place which speaks about financial independence.
This is one of the most import aspect which has to be considered on our life and preliminary step towards achieving financial independence.

Without health there is no wealth.
There is no point in accruing wealth today burning our health and using the same wealth protecting the health tomorrow.
Once deteriorated then safeguarding our health doesn't come cheap remember even if its dental health.
So we must always keep ourselves healthy.

Now how to achieve this?

1) Sleep at least 8 hours during night:
We should at least sleep 6-8 hrs to give rest to our brain and body. 
Its improves your appetite. It improves your immune system and hence reduces the disease risk ratio

2)Healthy food.
Kindly wash your utensils and food properly before cooking them.
There is no guarantee that the food you purchased where maintained properly with hygienic care , hence its a must to give your best to cleaning them.
Kindly avoid over consumption of food. India is a place where many people die due to starvation similarly a place many people due to over consumption that cases obesity and associated diseases.
Fiber rich food should be consumed to the best.
Healthy die reduces the disease risk ratio.

3)Avoid stressful activity.
Avoid stress to the maximum.
In India stress is one major factor which is actually the prime cause of many of the disease and it effects almost all the systems of the body like endocrine system, digestive system,muscular system etc.

4)Exercise.And Meditation
Sound mind means sound body.Meditation helps improvie our concentration.
Its also improves our immunity
Exercise keep our body fit Fit body means improved immune system.

Kindly give importance to your health as we are moving to details to reach financial independence.

It's a must for each individual and a healthy nation too hence kindly share this.

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