Friday, May 26, 2017

Savings: Buying Mode to Selling mode

Richness is a preservative nature of human beings to spend only for high yielding returns
Why do you work?
  1. Shopping !
  2. For Living !
  3. Luxury !
  4. Passion !
  5. Supporting Family !
  6. Ensuring secure future !
  7. Education

Monday, May 22, 2017

Finance Budget

 No matter how poor you are or how much poor you think you are your dreams will be big, and you always want to achieve your Dreams. But at some point of time you feel it’s not achievable and you get satisfied with whatever you can get isn't it.
Hmm that's true 
But if you are determined you can always achieve it. This will never be an immediate process.
Obviously for financial independence you need money and to earn money is never an easy process. But on the contrary spending money is simple and you actually never know how you spent the money.

Now when I said your dreams are big, it means you already have a goal. So the next step is to achieve that goal. Let’s see how you can do this. In order to achieve this, the first thing is to know where you stand.
And when it is with regards to finances it’s called budgeting.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Health : Gateway to financial success

Don't wonder about the topics presence in a place which speaks about financial independence.
This is one of the most import aspect which has to be considered on our life and preliminary step towards achieving financial independence.

Without health there is no wealth.
There is no point in accruing wealth today burning our health and using the same wealth protecting the health tomorrow.
Once deteriorated then safeguarding our health doesn't come cheap remember even if its dental health.
So we must always keep ourselves healthy.

Now how to achieve this?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Private Bank's Term Deposit Interest Rates

Private-sector banks Interest rate for 1 year period
Subhadra Local Area Bank 8.25
Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank 8

Friday, April 28, 2017

National Bank Deposit Interest Rates

Interest rate for a period of 1 year for amount less than 1 Cr

Nationalized Banks Interest rates %
Andhra Bank 7
Dena Bank 7
Oriental Bank of Commerce 7
Punjab & Sindh Bank 7
Punjab National Bank 7
Union Bank of India 7
Allahabad Bank 6.9
Bank of India 6.9
Bank of Baroda 6.9
Canara Bank 6.9
State Bank of India 6.9
Syndicate Bank 6.8
Corporation Bank 6.75
Indian Overseas Bank 6.75
UCO Bank 6.75
Central Bank of India 6.6
Bank of Maharashtra 6.5
Indian Bank 6.5
Vijaya Bank 6.5
IDBI Bank 6.4
United Bank of India 6.25

Low Risk Money Saving Option : FD

So lets see how we can save our moneu in a abnk with gauraneed returns.
Guaranteed returns : Principle amount which we deposit plus interest.

Low risk money saving options are
Fixed Deposit FD
Recurring Deposit  RD

Monday, April 24, 2017

Finance Yourself to Financial independence

   As the name suggest financial independence means freedom from basic financial problems. It means that you don't need to work for basic necessities like food,water or shelter. Your assets will work for you to generate income to achieve basic necessities for you. Thus the work you would like to do is for your luxury.
   This sounds like a good idea,isn't it . Your assets/money working for you to meet your necessities.
But the trick here is how to achieve this financial independence.

   Lets see ..

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Chapter Begins . Inception:MEGALOFIN

"  Old Chapter closes new chapter begins"
With an inception to something new , A new beginning as the is the vision as to "FIND THE GREATEST " with a whole new story and a whole new beginning .

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